The Time is Now

Our prospects and customers have continued to tell us that exam security and particularly online exam security is rising in importance to their institutions. I’ve heard the words “exam integrity” along with “student convenience”, more in the last six months, than I have in all of Software Secure’s existence.

Five years ago, Software Secure led the market by introducing the first solution for securing online exams, Remote Proctor Pro. That solution, the gold standard in security, is in use at organizations as diverse as Drexel Nursing, University of West Alabama, Michigan State, and Florida Institute Technology. Feedback we have received during that time has told us that there is room for multiple offerings to meet different needs within the market. It is clear that there is a market for self-service, easy to deploy and use, and pay per use offerings. And at Software Secure we have focused on innovation that makes the security needs of our marketplace easier to meet.

Today we announced the introduction of Remote Proctor Now– a cost-effective, on-demand testing solution. Now for less than $15 a test, students can decide on the spur of the moment to take an exam, authenticate their identity and enter a digitally proctored exam in under 5 minutes – all from the convenience of the student’s own home. What we have tried to do is continue to take away barriers to using technology to make the rapidly growing online world have the same exam integrity as the world of classrooms. Some of the barriers have been cost, some deployment, some fear of technology, and some concern about new approaches. Remote Proctor Now helps address those by utilizing technology that an online student already owns, a webcam, with an easy to use self-service model, that will fit in a student’s budget.

Now Software Secure has multiple offerings to offer the level of security need that you as the customer can determine is right for your institution. The days of sub-optimizing assessments because of fear of cheating, or forcing a student who is taking an online program because of convenience and forcing them to do something extremely inconvenient, like having to go to campus or a test center to take a test- those days are over.

And we’re not through innovating. Expect to see more offerings from Software Secure that evolve as the world of online learning and testing evolves. We look forward to showing you those offerings. If you’re curious, some talk to us at, and see what I’m talking about.

Douglas M. Winneg, CEO and Founder

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