Software Secure has rejoined the conversation

All of us working at Software Secure have agreed to use this blog to openly discuss the important trends we hope to influence in education and testing technology. This blog has been quiet for some time, while we focused on developing our products and supporting our customers. Now we hope to dedicate some time each week to share what we are hearing and doing in hopes of contributing to the process of improving education.

Each day, in sales, R&D, or support we have conversations that demonstrate that the issues our company is trying to address are at a critical stage in the evolution of test technology.

Every day, we hear or read something about: the importance and value of distance learning, the benefits and dangers of integrating technology in education, the prevalence of cheating, the need for institutional accountability and student accountability, or the cost/value of education.

Going forward, we intend to use this space to share with you our thoughts on these issues. We will also provide herein firsthand accounts of what our customers are doing. We welcome your participation, and hope that this blog will play some small role in improving how people learn.

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