Securexam Student FAQ

How does the security work?

Securexam Student has three layers of security:
Lockdown: The student is locked into a secure word processing window. This lockdown functionality is also invoked during a restart and reboot.
Alarm: automatic monitoring process, which, in the unlikely event of a breakout, will detect and record the violation on the encrypted exam.
Encryption of all Securexam files.

What happens when a student’s computer crashes in the middle of the exam?

Whenever a student’s computer is rebooted during an exam, after entry of the appropriate password, Securexam will automatically re-launch without permitting student access to the computer desktop, and return the student where he or she left off. The exam will continue as if an interruption did not occur. The exam statistics file has captured the shutdown and restart events.

How often will students’ work be saved during an exam?

Exams are automatically saved to the computer’s hard drive every 60 seconds. Students may also use the manual save function under the ‘File’ pull-down menu. Whenever a student switches between exam answers, all answers are automatically saved. Securexam also performs periodic full backups in separate locations, ensuring the ability to audit the exam process (record progress) and maximize the data integrity.

Can Securexam Browser support the use of video and audio players during a test?

Institutions can customize their Securexam Browser to support the use of video and audio players during a test. As the video and audio players are developed and controlled by third-parties, they sometimes also facilitate exam-time student access to external materials.

Why does Securexam require the student to “Type Start” at the beginning of the exam?

Securexam requires the student to type Start as a way to have the exam proctor control the exam time and process. When the student types ‘Start’, the Securexam exam clock will begin. The timer stops when the student exits the Securexam session, and the time is recorded in the encrypted exam. The timer is not shut off until the student fully exits the exam, and the clock will remain active for restarts or re-entries. The student may check the timer at any point during the exam. If the student is taking a “formatted-exam” (an exam with the questions contained in the document), she will not be able to see the questions, until first typing Start, ensuring that no one has an unfair advantage. Professors also have the option of using the auto-timer feature when creating exams, which sets a time limit on an exam. If an exam has timed out while the student is still working, the system will automatically save and exit the student from the exam when the time is up. If the situation requires, an exam proctor can access a time-expired exam and extend the permitted time limit.

Does Securexam enforce any blind grading?

Schools can choose to have their students work with Securexam using an Identification Number (“ID”) rather than a name. Those exams are organized by ID, and the student’s name is never attached the answers or exam file container so that teacher can receive an grade answers anonymously. School administrators can still see from PlanetSSI whether exam files are missing from particular students.

Can Securexam be used in an Open-Book mode?

Each exam can be designated as either an Open or Closed-Book exam. Open-Book exams mean that Securexam can be used just like any other word processor, enabling the student to simultaneously open any other application or file during the exam. While in Open-Book mode, Securexam still performs all of the automatic back-ups, provides the exam recovery features, and automatically saves the exam to the appropriate class folder for recovery from PlanetSSI.

Where are exam answers saved?

Institutions using Securexam register their users in PlanetSSI which controls how the software is used. When students use Securexam they are either taking a particular exam posted to PlanetSSI and made available to the student’s computer, or are taking a blank exam “Blue-Book” which is associated with one of the classes for which the particular student is registered within PlanetSSI. In either case, Securexam knows to which Institution, Class, and exam file to save the students exam answer for later recovery from PlanetSSI.

What keys and functions are disabled during a Securexam session?

All Function Keys: F1-F12
Right-Click and Double-Click; which functions can be executed by using the pull-down menus
Start Menu Button
The Task Manager

What word processing features are included?

All basic editing functions are included. From a technical standpoint, the only change is the disable of the right-mouse click. All the features accessed from right-mouse click are accessible from the menu options

What are the system requirements? 

For Software Secure’s list of Hardware and Software requirements, please click here:


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