Remote Proctor PRO FAQ

What is Remote Proctor PRO?

Remote Proctor Pro is an integrated software-hardware solution that brings academic integrity to distance learning exams. Remote Proctor Pro’s fingerprint scanner authenticates the identity of a test-taker, while the camera and microphone monitors the exam environment and records all sound and a 360° view of the exam room. Remote Proctor Pro is connected to the test-takers’ computer loaded with Software Secure’s Securexam software, which locks the computer into the testing program while simultaneously prohibiting access to all applications or pre-existing information which could be used to cheat during an exam. With Remote Proctor Pro, distance learning students can take exams, just as they learn, anytime, anywhere, and now, with integrity.

How does Remote Proctor Pro work?

In order for students to enter an exam using Remote Proctor Pro, they must first successfully pass through the ID authentication process which entails placing their finger on a scanner which will match their biometrics with the scan gathered during initial registration of the unit, and taking a picture. Once student identification is authenticated, Securexam launches the testing program while locking down their computer until the test is completed. During the test, Remote Proctor Pro will record changes in sound or motion. Those movements are recorded by Remote Proctor Pro and audio and video clips are organized on a website for later review by the institution or Software Secure performing video review services.

How does Remote Proctor Pro work with Securexam?

Through a web-based interface, faculty can format an exam to require use of Remote Proctor Pro. When students launch their Securexam software and select an exam that has been formatted for use with Remote Proctor, the software will look for the Remote Proctor Pro device and if it is connected, will begin the authentication process to gain access to the exam. If the device is not connected the student will not be permitted entry into the exam.

What happens after the student has completed the exam?

During the exam, Remote Proctor Pro captures audio and video clips of the entire exam environment, just as a human proctor would see. Once all the video clips are sent up to the server, they are stitched together for later review. If during the exam itself, the student’s Internet connection is dropped, or is inadequate to send up video, the program will attempt to re-establish an adequate connection at the end of the exam for transmission. Until all the exam-time video is successfully transmitted, each time the test-takers’ computer is launched, Remote Proctor Pro will continue the transmission process. After an exam has been completed, faculty and school administrators access a secure website to review the exam process, just as if they were proctors during the exam itself. For each test-taker, the website organizes and presents; (1) a picture of the student authenticating, (2) exam time sound and motion. Proprietary video playback tools enable fast, efficient and accurate review process – up to 22x the speed of normal video.

Does Remote Proctor Pro support MACs?

Remote Proctor Pro for Mac provides support for Macintosh computers running Mac OS versions 10.7 (Lion) and higher. Need more details? Click here

What are the system requirements of Remote Proctor Pro?

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How do I purchase a Remote Proctor PRO device?

If you are a student, and need to purchase a device to take your exam – please click here: