What is RPNow?

RPNow (Remote Proctor Now) from Software Secure is an on-demand, easy to use, low cost alternative to testing centers, personal proctors, and other inconvenient methods of securing the online testing environment. Students can take tests at their convenience, in the comfort of their own homes, using their computer and a webcam. No student set-up required, no scheduling, no pre-purchase, no new hardware or software. Simply log in and test with integrity in 4 easy steps!

How does RPNow work?

It’s an easy 4 step process:
1. Access RPNow through the Software Secure website.
2. Click on the link to run the program and select your class and exam.
3. Authenticate your ID by holding it up to your webcam and taking a picture of it.
4. Go to your Learning Management System to enter the exam you are taking.
All of this in less than 3 minutes! Watch the video here.

What do I need to use RPNow on my computer?

All you need to get up and running with RPNow is the equipment you would normally need to take your online classes:
– a PC or a Mac
– a webcam, either external or the one built into your computer
– an internet connection