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Securexam Student

Securexam® Student is a software solution that provides access to a secure essay and spreadsheet-formatted exam engine, and prevents access to unauthorized external resources by locking down the test taker’s computer operating system. Securexam replaces the need or use for Blue Books, and replaces it with the data processing tools students are familiar with and with which they can more accurately demonstrate their knowledge. Administrators know that exams are being administered efficiently and without the possibility of cheating. Powered by the same patented technology in Securexam Browser, Securexam Student makes it easy for organizations to streamline their exam processes by converting tests into a digital format. Now educational institutions and certification organizations can offer test takers the convenience of computer-based testing while assuring that the integrity of the exam is protected.


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Organizations can now provide fully proctored exams online conveniently-
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Patented Technology

At the heart of Securexam Student is a security system that confines students to a secure desktop and are prevented from accessing unauthorized digital sources - effectively deterring cheating.


Easy Exam Administration

Organizations can streamline and reduce the costs of exam administration by converting essay-based exams to digital format while making it easier for faculty to grade legible exams.


Simple for Students

As solution utilizes a word processing engine - it provides an intuitive and familiar testing environment for students and requires little instruction to get up and running.

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