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Securexam Browser

Securexam® Browser is a patented browser technology that safeguards the integrity of any web-based exam. Organizations can secure an exam in any course management or test delivery system and students can easily and intuitively take their exams online using their own computers and technology they’re familiar with.Securexam Browser offers comprehensive security, including application blacklisting to stop unauthorized programs from executing before and during the exam. Test takers are prevented from accessing other websites, files and folders on their desktops – and unable to print, copy or cut and paste data on their screens, thereby protecting valuable intellectual property and preventing question theft.Securexam Browser makes online exam delivery easy and affordable, providing exam integrity for faculty and administration, and an intuitive and familiar testing environment for learners. Download Product Data Sheet | PDF


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Organizations can now provide fully proctored exams online conveniently-
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Patented Technology

At the heart of Securexam Browser is a security system that confines students to a secure desktop and are prevented from accessing unauthorized digital sources - effectively preventing cheating.


Easy Exam Administration

Making a test into a secure exam couldn’t be easier. Administrators and faculty can achieve complete exam security with minimal training for students and staff without technology hassles.


Simple for Students

Easy to use for students, and because solution is browser-based - it simply extends the institution's existing quizzing or testing tools.

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