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Remote Proctor PRO

Remote Proctor PRO is the gold standard for secure online examination delivery. Like putting a human proctor in a student’s room, Remote Proctor PRO enables students to take exams online with the same exam-room integrity found in a proctored classroom – anytime and anywhere.

Remote Proctor PRO is an integrated solution with hardware that provides a 360-degree view of the exam environment, biometrics to authenticate the identity of the test-taker, and software that captures all audio and video data. The patented Securexam® software permits entry to a computer-based exam but prevents access to unauthorized materials or applications by locking down the student’s desktop. The system records the entire exam session which is later reviewed by certified proctors and a report is provided with links to the actual video of any suspicious behavior.

Remote Proctor PRO provides comprehensive exam security, scales to any program size, and can be integrated into any learning management or test delivery system. Organizations can now provide fully proctored exams online conveniently – with the highest levels of integrity to prevent cheating.

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Organizations can now provide fully proctored exams online conveniently-
with the highest levels of integrity.


On Demand Convenience

No scheduling required, test taker can take an exam the moment they are ready - in the comfort of their homes with, no pre-purchase and with integrity.


Robust Security

Gold standard remote exam security: provides test taker authentication, lockdown computer security, 360-degree view of exam environment, and exam session recording for thorough post-exam review.


Efficient and Scalable

Whether a small online education program or a large institution, Remote Proctor PRO scales to your program requirements and budget to reduce the costs of exam administration.

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