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Online Exam Proctoring Solutions Made Simple and Scalable

Introducing our integrity suite of testing solutions. We offer a variety of flexible business models: payment can be collected from schools or students, up-front or per exam. For more detailed information on our pricing and services, please contact us here. Our experts will contact you to learn more about your institution’s specific requirements and we’ll work with you to develop a custom quotation for the solution that fits your needs.


Remote Proctor Now

RPNow is a software as a service (SaaS) model for convenient online test proctoring and identity verification. Using a standard computer webcam with an internet connection, students can take a proctored exam online conveniently and affordably through their LMS. RPNow is scalable for any group size, from one test instance – to thousands.

starting at $15 per exam*

Easy-to-integrate online exam proctoring anytime – anywhere.

On Demand, no scheduling required.

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Securexam Student

Securexam Student (SES) is a stand-alone test delivery solution, providing test time access to a secure word processor and spreadsheet for essay formatted or statistic-centric examinations. SES protect exam integrity by preventing access to unauthorized external resources by locking down the test taker’s computer operating system.

starting at $24 per student*

Provide essay-based exams online more efficiently and securely.

* Pricing per student & based on volumes (PC only)

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