Technology Projects for the New Academic Year

Academic affairs does a really good job of bragging about technology innovations. It’s time for student affairs folks to share their stories, their best practices, and their “new” tech ideas.

Here’s what one reader commented:

“I’m faculty, not staff in student affairs, but I thought I’d mention remote proctors. These nifty devices help to verify the identity of a student taking an exam in an online class (finger-print scanner) and monitor students taking an exam at home using a 360-degree camera and a microphone to record the exam session. The software side of this technology also includes a lock-down browser to prevent the student from accessing unauthorized material with the computer. Suspicious activity is flagged so faculty can review it easily (was it a dog barking or a whispered answer from someone helping the test-taker?). Viewing the video confirms that the same student who swiped their finger across the finger-print reader is the one taking the exam. The vendor for the one we are trying is Software Secure.”

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