Software Secure Helps the University of West Alabama Deliver Online Exams With the Highest Level of Academic Integrity While Offering the Convenience of Anytime, Anywhere Testing

Solution Provides Student Authentication and Secure Testing Environment for Online Exams

CAMBRIDGE, MA–(MARKET WIRE)–Feb 5, 2009 — Software Secure, Inc. announced today that they have partnered with the University of West Alabama to deliver a fully online secure testing environment to the more than 3,000 graduate and undergraduate online students.

Using Software Secure’s Securexam Remote Proctor, University of West Alabama (UWA) online students will be able to take web-based exams anywhere, anytime, while still maintaining the same exam-room integrity as found in a proctored classroom. Students located throughout the United States will now have the freedom to take exams at the time and location convenient for them, have a cost-effective way to securely take exams, and take the exams using technology with which they are already familiar.

From the faculty perspective, Securexam Remote Proctor allows UWA to leverage its existing investments in its learning management system and other technologies, cheat-proofs the exam experience, reduces the need and expense of proctored exams in classroom settings, provides flexibility in test-taking times and locations, and provides tremendous freedom for instructors to design and build tests cost-effectively and efficiently. It addresses every area of exam security by controlling the computer settings and authenticating the student’s identity, all while watching and listening to the exam environment.

“We have conducted a thorough study of the industry for a solution that will authenticate student identity, ensure that cheating does not occur during exams, and allow the ease of use our students and staff demand,” said Dr. David M. Taylor, University of West Alabama Provost.

Online students today can take advantage of the convenience of distance learning courses, up to the point of taking an exam. At that point, they must incur the cost and time to physically get to campus, a testing center, or otherwise find and pay a proctor. Some institutions today rely solely on an honor code, which may expose them to accreditation issues in the future.

With the passage of the College Opportunity and Affordability Act (also known as the Higher Education Act) in September and the increased focus on this issue by the accrediting bodies, authentication of students is more critical than ever to universities.

“We’ve seen the number of online students grow exponentially over the last few years at UWA, and we expect this trend to continue as we expand our online offerings,” Dr. Taylor said, adding that “Our students represent almost all 50 states and several foreign countries.” Dr. Taylor stressed, “It’s our responsibility to ensure that the student who receives a degree from UWA is the same one who did the work towards that degree.”

Douglas Winneg, President and founder of Software Secure, said, “We are extremely excited for the opportunity to provide the security, integrity, and convenience of distance testing to the students and faculty of UWA. We are looking forward to continuing our work with UWA to use technology to ensure that the growth in distance learning is pursued and supported with the highest academic standards.”

About Software Secure
Software Secure, Inc. is the leader in educational testing software, with proven, patented solutions for traditional and distance learning environments as well as professional certification organizations. More than 300 academic institutions as well as organizations overseeing high-stakes testing environments such as the bar and chartered accountant exams have chosen Software Secure for testing solutions that exceed regional and national accreditation standards as well as federal regulation requirements and facilitate the responsible use of technology in education.

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