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Remote Exam Proctoring

Webcam-based Exam Proctoring. Convenient, affordable, scalable and effective online exam delivery.



Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) is a self-service model for secure online examination delivery and identity verification. Using a standard computer webcam with an internet connection, students can take a proctored exam online conveniently and affordably. RPNow is scalable for any group size, from one test instance – to thousands.

Classroom Exam Proctoring

Software that digitally locks down the desktop of student or school computers, assuring exam integrity.


Securexam Student:

Securexam Student (SES) is a standalone test delivery solution, providing test time access to a secure word processor and spreadsheet for essay formatted or statistic-centric examinations. SES protect exam integrity by preventing access to unauthorized external resources by locking down the test taker’s computer operating system.

Remote and Classroom Solutions that deliver secure, convenient &
scalable exam integrity wherever or whenever exams are administered.