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Improve the quality of your online education
program with a standout online exam
proctoring experience while protecting integrity

Markets Overview

Online testing offers convenience and efficiencies to all testing stakeholders, from K-12 and Higher Education, to Certification and Corporate environments. Online exams offer quicker and easier grading, simpler test creation, real time item analysis, and various question types with which to test knowledge. But without exam integrity services – authenticating the identity of the test-taker and ensuring that person does not cheat — none of the other benefits can be attained. That’s why we have developed secure testing solutions that makes it possible for any organization of any size to get all the benefits of secure, fully-proctored testing in remote environments – without sacrificing integrity.

  • Higher Education

    Transform your institution’s online education programs to reap all the benefits that anytime-anywhere learning affords. With industry leading computer-based testing technologies, you can offer a superior proctored online exam experience for students while at the same time promoting excellence and integrity for your online education programs.

  • K-12

    Emerging generations require emerging technologies for the K-12 classroom – whether traditional or virtual. And as more districts are turning to blended learning and especially virtual programs, the need has never been greater. Software Secure offers teachers with easy, secure and low-cost solutions for their students to take exams online.

  • Certification

    The quality and integrity of a certification exam are the foundation of any professional credential. With so much riding on the results, it’s important that these assessments are protected. We offer organizations a more convenient way for their professionals to take their exams online, without the need to schedule or travel.

For us, the winning formula has been flexibility and convenience. There’s no reason to deal with (live) proctors at all—unless you have to.
- Susan Ellis, Columbia Southern University

Market Case Studies

Select from a wide array of client success stories from across all our markets. Learn about what makes our customers successful in a concise and brief format.

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Market Videos

Watch videos about outstanding educators who use their unique expertise to promote excellence in K–12, higher education and certification organizations through the use of Software Secure solutions.

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