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Connecting with Software Secure
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Client Support

Software Secure understands that technology alone does not solve problems – people do. And that’s why we provide our customers the service and support team you need when you need them. From getting started, to implementation and end-user training or technical support, Software Secure is your partner and prepared to go the distance in providing the most comprehensive and experienced service.
Client Support and Help Desk

We are always available on the Software Secure Client Portal. Your first point of contact, the Client Portal is ready with guidance and how-tos to help you use our solutions or solve a problem. Or, you can contact us directly at links below:

Help for Students and Faculty

Contact Support Directly or Submit a Ticket
Need Help Logging Into Remote Proctor>

If you are a student or faculty member who needs assistance logging into Remote Proctor products, please contact the designated system administrator or IT help desk at your institution. If you do not know who your system administrator is, you can visit here:


Support Requests or Technical Assistance, Click Here