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Improve the quality of your online education
program with a standout online exam
proctoring experience while protecting integrity

Markets Overview

Students are taking online and blended courses in record numbers. More than ever before, K-12 educators will need to find ways to leverage technology in a way that enriches the online experience. By offering students a way to take exams online, the young virtual learner can take full advantage of the flexibility that online learning provides while increasing school efficiencies by reducing the administrative logistics and costs of exam administration.


Software Secure offers a wide array of exam proctoring solutions that offers a superior online or in-class testing experience for students by providing the least intrusive, safest and most convenient  solution – while providing the most secure, efficient and affordable online exam proctoring delivery system that benefits administration and teachers. Most importantly, we help you strengthen the fidelity of your online program by protecting the integrity of progress monitoring assessments.

  1. Security & Scalability

    Whether a small K-12 distance learning program our patented proctoring solutions are scalable, and can work for any sized institution – and any budget.

  2. Cost Effectiveness

    Affordable and easy to use, students can use Software Secure solutions for a fraction of the cost of going to test centers and can avoid the burden of securing a qualified personal proctor.

  3. Anytime Anywhere Testing

    Enhance the student online education experience by offering them the ability to take their exams on-demand with no scheduling or need to find proctors or travel to campus.

Market Case Studies

Select from a wide array of client success stories from across all our markets. Learn about what makes our customers successful in a concise and brief format.

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