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Improve the quality of your online education
program with a standout online exam
proctoring experience while protecting integrity

Markets Overview

The quality and integrity of certification exams is essential to assuring the competence of your organization’s professionals and ensuring that you’re providing the highest excellence, quality and confidence to your customers. But as important as it is, certification testing can also be costly, inconvenient, and disruptive – because it often requires travel, time away from work, and lost productivity. With so much riding on the results, it’s of critical importance that the integrity of every certification exam is protected.


Software Secure delivers all the benefits of secure, fully-proctored certification testing in remote environments – anytime – anywhere, without the costs and inconveniences associated with test centers. Organizations can conduct certification testing when it’s convenient for them and their employees – with full confidence that test takers are doing their own work without outside help.

  1. Cheating Prevention

    Solutions that prevents electronic cheating and question theft with comprehensive application blacklisting to stop unauthorized programs from executing before and during the exam.

  2. Cost Effectiveness

    Affordable and easy to use, candidates can use Software Secure solutions for a fraction of the cost of going to test centers and can avoid the burden of securing a qualified personal proctor.

  3. Anytime Anywhere Testing

    Offer candidates a secure and convenient way to take a certification exam. Professionals can take a test online at a time and location of their choosing – with no scheduling.

Market Case Studies

Select from a wide array of client success stories from across all our markets. Learn about what makes our customers successful in a concise and brief format.

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EXIN is one of the key players in the ITIL certification ecosystem. However, when EXIN noticed that the number of candidates per exam session was decreasing, they needed to find a more convenient way to offer test candidates exam. Watch to learn more about what EXIN decided to do:

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