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Here you will find product information and white papers and aimed at a wide range of audiences – from educators and administrators to technology professionals and instructional technology specialists on a variety of topical issues. Some of this content has been presented at education and certification conferences and in the media. For case studies click here:

RPNow Benefits Checklist

  • September 20 2016

All the benefits of the complete proctoring platform that meets your needs today and in the future

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RPNow Data Sheet

  • September 20 2016

Simplified and Streamlined Remote Proctoring

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Securexam® Student – Easily convert any test into a secure digital format

  • January 01 2014

You can now easily convert any test into a secure digital format

Securexam® Student is a software solution that provides access to a secure essay and spreadsheet-formatted exam engine, and prevents access to unauthorized external resources by locking down the test takers computer operating system. Students start an exam online in a blank, secure, word-processor (or “Blue-Book”) format using the data processing tools they’re familiar with, and administrators know that exams are being administered efficiently and without the possibility of cheating. Get PDF

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Watchful Eyes: A Comparative Look at Online Test Proctoring Models

The Pros and Cons of Live and On-Demand Online Proctoring Technologies

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Maintaining Student Convenience while Achieving Academic Integrity

The New Approach for Secure Online Exam Proctoring in Higher Education.

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Model Behavior: Re-Training Students Not To Cheat On Exams

Learn how behavior modification coupled with technology-enhanced proctoring can help prevent students from cheating on exams

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