University of North Alabama (UNA) currently has over 3000 online students and is looking to make nearly all of its 39 majors available online. The challenge: UNA wanted to offer its faculty and students a more convenient and secure way to administer and take online exams with integrity. In the past, online learners had two options for taking tests – finding proctors or going to a test centers. These methods were time-consuming, costly and inconvenient for students. They also exposed the potential for cheating as remote proctors could not always be adequately verified by the school. UNA decided to implement Remote Proctor NOW to offer faculty an easier and more secure system to administer online exams, and provide students with a more flexible and cost-saving option to take an online exam. Since implementing RP NOW, UNA has reported increased student satisfaction and faculty members are pleased that they give exams online without sacrificing integrity. UNA is investigating the possibility of using Remote Proctor NOW campus-wide.

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