100% Success Rate for Bar Exam Laptop Program

One Thousand people took the essay portion of the New Jersey bar exam this July using their own laptop computers running Securexam software. Other than three people who did not have functioning power cords, every exam candidate successfully submitted an electronic exam file.

Securexam software enables candidates to word-process their exam answer while simultaneously creating a locked-down environment which prevents examinees from accessing unauthorized materials during the test. Securexam runs on examinees’ own computers, and must create a secure and trouble-free exam experience regardless of what is on the test-takers computer.

Each exam candidate was required to install Securexam software and take a qualification exam in advance of the Bar exam to confirm the software was properly functioning on the individuals own computers.

The 100% success rate at the Bar exam demonstrates how students and test-takers should never again be required to put pen to paper on a high-stakes exam.

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