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Transform your institution’s online education programs to reap all the benefits that anytime-anywhere learning affords. With award-winning remote proctoring technology, you can offer a superior proctored online exam experience for students while protecting academic integrity.

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Software Secure delivers all the benefits of secure, fully-proctored certification testing in remote environments – anytime – anywhere, without the costs and inconveniences associated with test centers.

  • Certification Licensure
  • Corporate Training
  • Pre-Employment Testing
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Media Update

Oct 4

The Placebo Effect of Online Proctoring and How to Maximize Deterrence

Institutions that are in search of a proctoring solution have either recognized anecdotally that cheating is a real issue on campus that needs to be addressed, or they are feeling pressure from outside accreditors to have some sort of integrity solutions in place. This note delves into the importance of measuring efficacy and guidelines for optimizing online proctoring solutions to their fullest potential

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